ZEE-PORT®'s web-to-print store solution takes all of the headache and hassles out of distribution.

With ZEE-PORT®, your online users can schedule their deliveries and distribution, we'll do the rest directly and automatically distributing products to every location or individual on the list.

Plus we can store inventory for just-in-time shipments, direct mail programs and order fulfillment saving you from redundant shipping costs, unnecessary storage and handling, and a host of administrative nightmares.

Our capabilities truly do mean that no one in your organization need ever run out of materials again.

How It Works

With our ZEE-PORT® web-to-print solution, your authorized users can quickly and easily personalize and order the materials they need from your company's web store.

Users select items from your company's authorized online templates, then enter the text or place their graphics.

By limiting selections to approved templates, your brand identity remains locked in and consistent no matter who's ordering what, when or where.

Estimating, ordering, proofing, scheduling distribution, tracking, billing, and report generation are all built in and fully integrated.

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  • Point-and-click ordering
  • Templated items for brand consistency
  • Fully integrated estimating, ordering, distribution, tracking and billing
  • Online distribution scheduling
  • 24/7 online inventory control
  • Computer-controlled, multi-layered mailing services
  • Full-service mail house services
  • Scheduled fulfillment programs
  • Custom kitting
  • Variable pick-and-pack
  • Warehousing
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